Kim Lian Kee

Wong Kim Lian migrated from Fujian, China in the 1920s, bringing the skills of Fujian noodle-making. This noodle is a tradition in Fujian, where it was made on and eaten to celebrate auspicious occasion. Wong Kim Lian started off selling freshly handmade noodle in Kuala Lumpur in the 1920s. In 1927, he created a charcoal-fried noodle with dark soya sauce - an innovation! One day, a regular customer asked him what is the name of this dish of tasty noodle? He pondered and thought since I am a Hokkien, I call it "Hokkien Mee". As they said, the rest is history.

Wong Kim Lian's great grandson, Henry, is entrusted to carry on the family business founded upon his great grandfather's legacy, the creator and name-originator of a noodle dish - Hokkien Mee - become Malaysian most loved national noodle.

Signature Dishes

Hokkien Mee
Cantonese Style Yuen Yong Noodles
Loh Mee