Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee

In the 1980s, Uncle Tan and his wife combined two things they loved most and created a noodle dish which they called "chili pan mee". While he loves all things hot and spicy, she loves the runny yolk of poached egg. After many trials,  the husband and wife duo finally sparked a perfect match for their handmade pan mee: fragrant fried dried chili, minced meat, crispy anchovy - all the goodies coated together with a poached egg. If one's tongue burns with tantalisingly sensation, spoonfuls of potato leaves soup soothe the fieriness.  

They set up a makeshift stall in Jalan Chow Kit. Words of mouth soon brought droves of office workers to queue for a bowl of fiery noodle.  Now, their humble creation has become a heritage food of Malaysia.  As a matter of fact a Hongkong duo tasted it and pluckily launched their version in their noodle shop in Hong Kong.

Signature Dishes

Chili Pan Mee