Ho Weng Kee

In 1930, Mr Ho Weng a Chinese immigrant from Guangdong started the first stall in Petaling Street using his secret family recipes from his village in Guangdong. As for Ho Weng Kee Wanton Noodles they were once among the top four best noodles in Malaysia, besides the classical roast pork (Char Siew) wanton noodles. Other must try dishes include the curry roasted chicken drumstick noodles, BBQ & roasted chicken drumstick noodles, five spices beef brisket noodles, and braised pork rib in black bean sauce noodles. The taste of eggs fills the mouth with just a bite of the whole egg noodle.

Signature Dishes

Stewed Spare Rib Black Bean Noodle
BBQ Pork Wanton Noodle
Five Spice Beef Bisket Noodle